Turn Abandoned Traffic into Revenue!

Nitro Media is announcing a new/innovative solution capable of increasing your ROI without hurting your site conversion nor user retention with our non invasive technology.

How often are you leaving browser tabs opened on your mobile device and desktop? Our solution capitalizes on this by triggering advertisements after a consumer goes Idle for a customizable period of time. Our easy-to-install script will "listen" to the activity on your website (content sites, registration pages, blogs, newsletters, etc) and will trigger new and exciting offers ready to catch the consumer's attention as they come back minutes, hours, or even days later. Our Idle Traffic Solution can also be easily closed so the customer can return to your website as they wish.

Thanks to our large inventory of offers from our proprietary network, our highly performing AI software will select the best possible ads to display generating on average between $50 - $150 RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Impressions).

Join hundreds of website owners like yourself benefiting from this new source of revenue today!

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